We are a very small coffee roastery based in Oakton, Virginia.

We roast very small batches of premium specialty coffee beans, just for you. We also sell in northern Virginia’s best farmer’s markets, restaurants, gourmet stores and coffee shops. Coffee is our ultimate passion, and we try to share it with you however we can.

Our Beans

We only use ethically sourced beans that have been grown in fair labor conditions. The coffee trade is rife with exploitation, child labor and poverty, while foreign owners keep an economic stranglehold on their farmers. We avoid trade with these entities, and deal directly with farmers, co-ops, specialty importers and other like-minded roasters. We buy in small quantities and in season, thereby bringing you the best possible coffee available. We’d rather pay a premium to acquire fairly sourced beans than lower our standards, and our customers share our view. We are glad to have their support in our mission to sustain production of fair trade coffee that keeps farmers’ kids in school.

Our Roaster

We began in 2010 with home-built air roasting equipment, which we still use occasionally. Most of our roasting, however, is done on a Toper Cafemino micro-roaster, one kilo at a time. Besides keeping the neighbors happy in our townhome complex by emitting little smoke, it lets us produce small batches of different coffees with unerring accuracy. It can also roast and cool simultaneously, running continuously for up to seven hours without breaking a sweat. It’s truly the little roaster that can, and we love it dearly.

Common-sense Roasting Philosophy

We believe in roasting the very best beans available in a given season. Our roasting philosophy is simple: we err on the side of tasting good, while respecting the intense labor and care that the growers put into the coffee. We do try to keep as much origin character as possible, but the customer’s preferences rule supreme in each batch we roast. Instead of forcing our coffee point of view on our customers, we show them all the choices and let them decide. We also believe in bringing customers in intimate contact with the coffee selection and roasting process, acting as something of an educational resource should they choose to learn more.

Supporting Worthy Causes

We believe that the world can change only because people decide to make small changes, building up to something greater than us all. For each Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Red Cross, there are many unsung organizations that bring light into the lives of those in need. We try to do our bit to support these worthy causes by helping raise money by using coffee for fundraising. We were fortunate last year to provide coffee for the pledge room volunteers at the WAMU 88.5 public radio winter fundraising drive. If you’re interested in a fundraising program customized for your organization, please contact us today.