Raise Funds
with Coffee

Need to raise funds for a worthy cause? We can help.

From custom designed and printed bags to bespoke blends
created just for the occasion from fair trade and organic beans,
we give you the tools to maximize impact at a reasonable cost.

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Coffee Adventure: A Coffee World Trip

Tour the world of coffee without leaving your home.

Price: from $90.00
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Airscape Vacuum Coffee Storage

The best way to store coffee, hands down.

Price: $24.99

Holiday Blend

This heartwarming seasonal blend is crafted to raise spirits and beat the winter blues. Personalize your label to create an unforgettable gift.

Price: $12.00

Bolivia Amor de Dios Fair Trade Organic AAA

Delicate citrus aromas waft over a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, culminating into a lingering caramel toffee finish.

Price: $12.00

Adventure Blend

Love surprises? Try the blend that changes every week! That's all we'll tell you. The best way to experience the magic is to brew a cup and take a sip.

Price: $12.00

Ethiopia Kambata Natural

Natural processed Kambata coffee is usually characterized by winey, fruity flavors, followed by a clean, lemony finish. We roast this to full city, and that intensifies the notes of cherries and blackberries. This is a truly remarkable coffee.

Price: $12.00

90 Point Decaf

Specialty grade beans from Bolivia and Brazil decaffeinated with pure water make this blend one of the best decafs of the season.

Price: $12.00

Code Chaos Espresso Blend

A powerful yet sweet blend of organic Sumatra, Ethiopia and Guatemala beans creates an unforgettable taste sensation without the savage bite.

Price: $12.00


The AeroPress coffee maker utilizes a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process to yield the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted.

Price: $25.00